09 Winter II Soccer Letter

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Winter Soccer

We’re making a few changes to Winter Soccer to make it more enjoyable for all.  The key differences from last year’s program are:


Registration:  Our entire scheduling system and the setting up of leagues and divisions depends very much on teams and individuals registering and paying on time.  The sooner we have people committed by paying for the season, the sooner we can sort people into the divisions and make schedules so that families can make plans around games.  Late registrations inconvenience everyone.  We have decided to change our system to add incentives for early registration and payment and to penalize late registration and payment.  A schedule of dates and prices is at the end.

Registrations are not complete until payment is made. With the way our online payment system works, you can still select “pay by check”, but you would have to pay by the end each registration period to enjoy that price.  If the invoice is not paid then the price will change to the next registration level.

For Winter II 2009, no travel level players will be permitted to play on recreation teams.  Travel players an opportunity to play in Winter II on the large field.


Rosters and Game Box Checking:  We want to better control roster and box checks. We are creating a way for clubs to fund raise for their teams by volunteering for field marshal duties during our youth games.  In exchange for a single shift of two or three games each week for each volunteer, the Field House will make a donation to that club or team.