Field Rental Rates & Facility Map

Get out of the rain, heat, cold, & darkness play your favorite sports at our facility. Drop-In: $5/person for a 2 hour time limit. 

Call for availability: (540) 361-4717


Rent a Space Before 4:00 PM  After 4:00 PM
M-F Sat/Sun Everyday
Hard Courts Small $45/hr $70/hr
Large (Half) $30/hr $50/hr
Large $60/hr $100/hr
Indoor Fields Small $45/hr $70/hr
Large $85/hr $140/hr
Batting Cage $25/hr $35/hr
Indoor Space Meeting Room $50/hr
Outdoor Fields Large (Half) $65/hr $140/hr
Large $130/hr $210/hr
Small Astroturf $50/hr


Indoor Facility Map

Outdoor Facility Map


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