Outdoor Flag Football


  • 7 Game Season + Single-Elimination Playoffs
  • 50 Minute Games (25 Minute Halves)
  • 8v8
  • Players must be at least 18 years of age by first game
  • $500 Team Fee
  • Men's & COED Leagues



  • Team Captains will register their team. At time of registration, full payment must be made.
  • At time of registration, Team Captains must submit a copy of their roster to the League Director.



  • At time of registration, Team Captains will submit a copy of their roster.
  • Rosters are subject to changes (additions/replacements/etc.) prior to Week 4.
  • All roster will lock at the start of the first game of Week 4.


COED League

  • At least 3 females must be on the field at all times.


Check-In Procedure

  • All players will be required to present their a photo ID to the Field Marshall checking in the field.
  • Players that fail to provide photo ID will be ineligible until they present a photo ID.



  • Drop-Ins will only be allowed under the following circumstances:
    • Regular season game
    • Team has less than 8 rostered players present
  • All Drop-Ins will be required to pay a $15 Substitution/Drop-In Fee.
  • Any player illegally playing in a game will be removed from the field and the team will forfeit the game.


Team Colors

  • The HOME Team will wear their designated team color (or black)
  • The AWAY Team will wear any color that doesn't closely resemble the HOME Team's color (or the AWAY team will wear white)


Flag Belts

  • All players are required to have their own flag belts.


Refund Policy

  • "Refunds will ONLY be issued in the event of a program cancellation"