Flag Football Information

Spring 2008

We have more than 90 teams this season. That’s almost double our team total from last spring. This number will make it easier for us to divide age groups into different divisions. Within the Rec divisions we will be able to subdivide into house leagues and team leagues.
Please have all of your players registered and paid by Friday, February 15. First games will be on March 8 and last games will be on May 11. 5-6 and 7-8 play on Saturdays. 12-14 and 15-18 play Sundays. 9-11 could play Saturday or Sunday. There will be no games on Saturday, March 15 or Sunday, March 23. There will be games on Saturday March 22. Schedules will be posted no later than February 29.
Individuals who signed up without a team will all come together for the first day to divide into separate house teams. At this time parent volunteer coaches will be introduced to their teams and practice schedules handed out. You will receive an email on February 16th about the day and time for your age group’s first meeting. We are always looking for parent volunteer coaches.
Practice for all teams can be scheduled once every other week from Monday to Friday at 4:10, 5:00, 5:50, or 6:40. Not all of these times are available each day. When you schedule your first practice, we will book you in for that time for the next three practices. With 90 teams, if your practice is on the big field, you will probably be sharing the field with another team. Medium and small field practices will be for individual teams.
All leagues play 6 v 6 with the center eligible. There is one rusher who starts seven yards off the ball and rushes immediately. The quarterback has 7 seconds to throw the ball. There is no blocking anywhere on the field outside of standing screens that are the same as a pick in basketball.
All players will be issued a Field House T-shirt. Teams are welcome to wear jerseys from other sources during the game. In the event of similar colored jerseys, the home team will wear pinnies provided by the Field House.
Playoffs in each league will depend on the number of teams. In most cases the first place team will play second place for the championship, third plays fourth for third place, and so on. While our online software does use point differential to track standings, we do not for establishing playoff and final games. Our first tie-breaker is head to head competition. In the event of three way ties or exceptionally close leagues, we may add extra games at the end of the year to determine finalists.
All players, coaches, parents, and fans will be held to the highest levels of sportsmanship in these leagues. We will not tolerate rude or abusive language towards anyone. Only players and coaches are permitted past the goal areas on each field. Spectators should not sit anywhere near the soccer nets. Please do no touch the glass around the fields. Pounding on the glass or boards is distracting to the players and referees.
These are “fun” leagues intended for a chance for physical activity for the children. Let’s keep them fun by behaving appropriately.