The Fredericksburg Field House offers flag football for men, women, and children of all ages and skill level.  We have leagues, camps, clinics, and tournaments of all types.  League games are played on just about every day of the week.  Camps, clinics and tournaments are offered throughout the year, so check our website often for the next event.

*New Payment Rules for all Future Adult Leagues*

  • Early Rate (start of registration - 5 weeks before season) - $70
  • Regular Rate (2 week before the season starts) - $75
  • Late Rate (1 week before the start of season) - $85



There are 5 Adult flag football league "seasons" throughout the year.They run approximatley in March (spring season), May (summer), August (fall), October (holiday), and January (winter).

There are two youth flag football seasons a year.  March (spring season) and August (fall season).

Field Surface

Our fields are the new evoluation in sport turf.  This state of the art synthetic grass is safer than real grass due to the regularity of the surface (i.e., no field holes or divets).  It consists of 2" synthetic grass infilled with shredded rubber that provides cushioning.

League Information
  • Flag football leagues are 8 weeks long - 7 regular season games and 1 post-season game
  • Players can sign up with a private team or as an individual
  • Minimum roster size is 10 players, there is no maximum number of players 
  • All adult league games are 7 vs 7
  • All youth league games are 6 vs 6
  • No metal or screw in spikes - solid cleats, indoor football shoes, or sneakers preferred
  • No pockets in shorts
  • To receive the coaches credit, you must have 10 paid players and the 11th would be the credit (youth only)
  • There are differences between youth flag rules and adult flag rules. If there is a question about a call or rule that can not be found under the youth flag rule guide then the adult flag rule will be used. 
 All fees will be set on the league registration page.  League fees may vary from season and or time of registration. 
  • All participants must pay at time of registration.
  • All online and phone registrations require credit card payment at time of registration (no pay later option available).
  • Payments can be made at the Field House check in center with cash, check or credit card.
  • All groups will have a regular registration fee and a late registration fee.  Dates will be posted at the beginning of registration.
  • Any player joining a roster on or after the 6th regular season game is still required to pay the full registration fee. 
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