Youth Flag Football Information

Youth Flag Football season is officially here!

We do not gurantee schedule requests


NO POCKETS IN SHORTS if you can't find shorts without pockets then sew the pockets shut.  TAPING them shut does not count and is not allowed.

NO SCREW IN CLEATS OF ANY KIND only molded cleats/turf shoes/tennis shoes

If you are caught with pockets in your shorts or screw in cleats during a game you will be penalized 15 yards.

Practices are based on availablity and a first come first serve basis.

You will have to call and book it if you are interested.

We do not provide football's for practices, teams must provide their own ball.

Please direct all questions to




2014 Fall Youth Flag Football


Please click the Field House My Sam link and create a new profile with the Fredericksburg Field House. Once this profile is create you can begin to register for league, camps, and clinics.


CREATE MySAM Account  

$10.00 MySam fee is an ANNUAL fee GOOD FOR ONE YEAR.  

Customers who are current with the MySam will not be charged the additional $10.00 fee.

 Registration type Dates Fee

MySam Fee

Early Bird   $70 +$10
Regular 07/12-08/23 $85 +$10


08/24 until 08/29

$95 +$10


The Field House is the place to be for your flag football needs.  All games are played on our large 82x175 foot state of the art "infill" turf field.  All games will be 40 minutes long with a 1 minutes halftime.  All players rec division players will receive a game shirt and flags with registration.  The recreational teams are teams that do not play organized football outdoors (tackle) or has any affiliation with an outdoor club. 

If we need more time for leagues during the week we will use the other days not listed as the league days. Teams should be prepared to play both Saturday and Sunday.  We will start with the younger ages on Saturday and work through the groups.  Game times and days will depend on the number of teams in each age group.  Please be prepared to play on both days.  We will use alternative days for make ups and overflow.

League Information
  • Flag football leagues are 8 weeks long 
  • Practice time is very limited- Teams should not expect weekly indoor practice time
  • Players can sign up with a private team or as an individual
  • Minimum roster size is 10 players, there is no maximum number of players 
  • All youth league games are 6 vs 6
  • No metal or screw in spikes - solid cleats, indoor football shoes, or sneakers preferred
  • Please read facility rules for additional information
  • ONE coach on the field with the teams, Three coaches MAX.

Recreation, must be the same age through the end of the season. 

 Players may play up into a higher age group but may not play down to a lower age group. 

Recreational League Registration 


Please click the Field House My SAm link and create a new profile with the Fredericksburg Field House. Once this profile is create you can begin to register for league, camps, and clinics.

CREATE MySAM Account or Register for League

Recreational League    
Rec 4’s    
Rec 5 & 6    
Rec 7 & 8    
Rec 9 & 10    
Rec 11 & 12    
Rec 13 & 14 (This age group combined with 11-12)    
Rec 15-17 (This age bracket is closed)    


 Individuals looking for a team will be notified of team assignments ONE week before the start of the league.  Players who have registered to a private team will not receive notification about team assignments or from the Field House.

To receive the "free" player, you must have 10 paid players and the 11th is free


Youth Flag Football Sizes

 Flag Football Sizes

Rec Teams Ball  Comp Teams Ball
5-6 Pee Wee Ball (K2) Comp 6-7 & 9 U Pee Wee Ball (K2)
7-8 Pee Wee Ball (K2) Comp 10 U & 11 U Junior Ball (TDJ)
9-10 Pee Wee Ball (K2) Comp 12 U & 14 U Youth Ball (TDY)
11-12 Junior Ball (TDJ) HS Senior Ball (TDS)
13-14 Youth Ball (TDY)    
HS Rec Senior Ball (TDS)    



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