Girl's WinterLeague

Winter League


Rule Reminders



- Indoor 7v7 (including goalie).


- Only two draws during each game, one at the start of the first and second half. Everyone but two players on each team (drawers and midfielder) must be behind the red line at start of play. The midfielder must remain on the wall until possession is called. The offensive and defensive players must also remain behind the red line until possession is called.


- After a goal, goalie who was scored on will clear to resume play.  


- Five goal differential: Uncontested free pass from goalie to teammate. 


- Subbing on the fly is allowed. No subs on whistled play. 


- The restraining line is the 50yd line. No more than 4v4 plus GK is allowed on the defensive/offensive scoring area.


- If a team does not have a goalie they can play with an extra field player. In play, an additional player must remain behind the 50yd line (restraining line). 


- The clock will start when the game time is scheduled to begin, even if your team is not out on the field/prepared to play.


- Half time is TWO minutes. After half time, the clock will immediately start.


- No time outs are permitted.  


- Clearing using a deputy is allowed.


- Stick, goggles, and mouth guard are required.