Coach Nick

Coach Nick's Bio

B'Day: 7/30

Astrological Sign: Leo

From: Australia


Soccer/Sports Team: Liverpool FC                                                          Color: Red/Blue

Animal: Horse                                                                                           Game To Play: Soccer

Food: Calamari                                                                                          Drink: StarBucks

Movie: Indiana Jones (All of them)                                                           Sportswear: Adidas

Playing Experience: Since I could walk! Various Clubs throughout my life...too many to mention

Coaching Experience: Lil' Kickers, U10s-U14s Spring Hill Stallions, U15s-U16s Keilor Park FC

Why are you coaching Lil' Kickers? Soccer is the best, Kids are the best! Kids playing, learning and laughing! What could be better than that???

What do you like most about coaching Lil' Kickers? Inspiring kids to be the best they can at being themselves!

Life Motto: "If you are not smiling, then it is not worth it!"