Winter Youth Recreation and Competitive Leagues

Schedule Changes for Upcoming Winter I and II Sessions

In our continuing effort to provide the Winter Soccer offering that best suites our customers’ wishes, we are making some changes to the Winter I and Winter II schedules that reflect last year’s experiences and the feedback we have received from you.  Winter II will run from Wednesday, January 1 to Sunday, February 24.
Competitive Youth Soccer
Last winter we had youth competitive soccer on the big fields in both Winter I and II.   Because of the length of the outdoor fall season, with games and tournaments running right up to Thanksgiving, many teams had to have bye weekends. Accommodating these teams created a schedule that was jumbled and confusing, with many teams having double headers. We also had some age divisions where two or three teams would sign up for Winter I, then two or three different teams would sign up for Winter II. We’d have to combine these age divisions with others to make full leagues, where if they had signed together in one season, we would have had a solid league all at one age and gender. To avoid the mixed up schedules and to concentrate teams into one season so that we have good, competitive divisions, we will only be offering youth competitive soccer on the big fields in Winter II.
Recreation Youth Soccer
Last year we also offered for the first time recreation level youth soccer on our big fields. This program was very successful and we anticipate more players this season. We’re reserving the big field in Winter I and the medium field in Winter II for recreation level youth soccer.  Age cut of is the age they are July 31, 2007
High School Soccer
We will offer high school soccer again in both Winter I and II. We are changing the rules to say that players may only participate on one team in the A, B, and C levels.  
Winter II registration will open September 15 and close December 15.
We have more fully developed our online registration and payment system. We encourage all players to register and pay online. Counter registration will still be available, but we would like players to use the online system. All fees are now per person, not per team, and we have eliminated the member fee. The organizing parent or player for each team should register first by selecting “I am registering my entire Team” on the registration page. You will pay only the individual fee for that first player, and now your team will appear in the team list for that league. Subsequent players will then select “I am registering for a Team”, and then select your team from the drop down menu on the next page. Only teams are accepted in the competitive divisions. Recreation division registrants will have the added option of selecting “I am an individual registering”. 
Player Cards
Each player will now be issued a player ID card that will be used to check players in each week at game time. We will be verifying ages for players by checking birth certificates or accepting IDs with birthdates from organizations that we know have checked a birth certificate in the creation of their IDs. We will now have a Field House employee at each scorer’s table to whom you will present your ID prior to each week’s game. Only players who have paid, signed a waiver, and are on the team roster will be permitted on the field. 
Recreation teams playing in Winter II will be scheduled a practice during which they can have their ID cards created. There will be three days set aside at the Christmas break for competitive and rec team practice and card creation prior to the Winter II session.