Wiffle Ball Rules and Regulations


Wiffle Ball Rules


THE BAT: The only bat permitted is a yellow Banana Wiffle Ball Bat. If your team does not have one then one will be provided. All bats are subject to inspection by the Tournament Director.

FOOTWEAR: Proper footwear should be worn.

GLOVES: Fielding gloves are not allowed. Batting gloves may be worn by the batter only when at bat.


UNIFORMS: Matching shirts are required for all teams. Shorts are permitted.


TEAMS: All seven players may change positions at any time defensively. Players may appear on one roster only.

BATTING ORDER: Everyone Bats. A batting order will not be changed during the game and if a team bats out of order, that batter is ruled out.


THE GAME: 6 innings equal a normal game. A 10 run rule is in effect after four complete innings, a 20 run rule after two complete innings. There is a 50 minute limit on the game.

OUTS: Three outs per inning for each team.

THE COUNT: Four balls to a walk, three strikes is an out, foul on third strike is an out.

INFIELD FLY RULE: Infield fly rule will not be called.

BUNTING: Only sacrifice bunting.

EXTRA INNINGS: There will be extra innings. If game is not completed by the time-limit, then game will end in tie.

BASE RUNNNERS: There is no stealing or leading and base runners need to avoid contact at all bases and home plate.


LEGAL POSITIONING: A batter must have both feet completely in the batter’s box.

HITTING THE BATTER: There is no hit-batsman rule. A ball that hits the batter will be ruled a ball and no base will be awarded.

BATTER’S HANDS: The hands of the batter are considered part of the bat. A ball hitting the batter’s hand(s) and landing in foul territory is ONLY a strike if the batter is in the act if swinging, if not the pitch is ruled a ball. If a ball hits a batter’s hand(s) and lands into fair territory, the ball will be ruled a fair ball.

FOUL BALLS: The batter will not touch foul balls until they come to a complete stop. Foul balls have been known to spin back into fair play and are NOT too be touched until they stop spinning or moving in any way.


The pitcher must have at least one foot touching the rubber when he releases the ball. If a ball is pitched in violation of this rule, the pitch will be ruled a ball.

WARM-UPS: A pitcher will get ten warm-up pitches before the start of the game once he takes the mound. If a relief pitcher comes into the game due to a result of an injury to the active pitcher, a reasonable amount of time will be allowed for the relief pitcher to warm-up.


There will be a Pitcher, Catcher, full infield and one outfielder (placed wherever team desires)

If your team has the minimum number of players (5) then you may put fielders in any positions.


Umpires: There will be one umpire for each game. Improper arguments will result in ejection.